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Maca is enriched with the vitality of 55 high nutrients that nourishes the human physical body.

Those who consume it will feel energetic, spirited and tireless. 

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玛咖烯,玛咖酰胺, 氨基酸,矿物质  - , 生物碱。 



  1. 经常感觉疲劳及对性生活不满意的成年男女。 
  1. 调节内分泌系统,促进血液循环。
  2. 增强免疫力,提升身体对抗疾病的能力。
  3. 更年期障碍,忧郁症及精神不振。
  4. 平衡男女荷尔蒙。
  5. 腰膝酸软,虚汗,失眠,记忆力衰退。               
  6. 兴奋度和持久力低,勃起不充盈,无快感高潮,性反应迟钝。
  7. 阳痿早泄,性欲冷感,射精无力者,力不从心者。
  8. 前列腺增生,阴囊潮湿,夜尿多,尿频,尿急,尿道阻塞,尿无力等症状。
  9. 改善性功能,增加精子数量, 活力及存活率。
  10. 调节肾上腺,胰腺,睾丸和肾脏功能;
  11. 调节卵巢及子宫的功能;
  12. 调理及修复生理机能;






* 涂抹在皮肤表皮细嫩部位,轻轻揉搓至皮肤完全吸收即可或;

* 饭后滴一滴入口中即可。


Product Name:NV-MACARA


What exactly is MACA?

Maca is a root vegetable similar in appearance to a radish.  It is listed in the FAO Food Directory.

It is a health food that had no side effect.


Maca's Efficacies:

Maca is enriched with the vitality of 55 high nutrients that nourishes the human physical body.

Those who consume it will feel energetic, spirited and tireless.

Maca can promote metabolism, resist stress and enhance the human and animal sexuality and fertility.

In addition, Maca helps eliminate menopausal disorders, slow down aging, enhance brain activity and improve conditions of infertility, frigidity, impotence and other such symptoms.


 Maca's Main Ingredients:

 Unique biologically active substances:

 Maca Amide, Amino Acids, Minerals, Alkaloids


Suitable for:

  1. Adult men and women who often feel tired and are dissatisfied with their sexual life.
  2. Regulates endocrine system and promote blood circulation.
  3. Enhances immunity and the body's resistance against diseases.
  4. Menopausal disorders, depression and lack of energy.
  5. Male and female’s hormonal balance.
  6. Feeling of weakness in the waist and knees, sweating, insomnia, forgetful and feeble.
  7. Decrease in excitability and stamina, no pleasure or orgasm and sexually unresponsive.
  8. Men who suffer impotence and erection problem, premature or weak ejaculation and sexual indifference.
  9. Symptoms of prostate hyperplasia, scrota wetting, nocturnal and urinary frequency, urinary blockage and weakness.
  10. Improves sexual functions, increases sperm count and vitality of the sperm.
  11. Regulates the adrenal gland, pancreas, testes function and kidney.
  12. Regulates the ovarian and uterine functions.
  13. Conditions and repairs the physiological functions.


Not Suitable for:

Those suffering from serious heart diseases and hypertension, teenagers, children and pregnant and lactating women.


 Direction for use:

 Once daily

 * Apply to the delicate part of the skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed; or

 * After meal, put a drop into the mouth.



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